Friday, October 1, 2021

October 2021: The Stephening, A Rock, Paper, Hatchet One Offffff


Always kind of awkward when your blog goes dormant for years.  Especially awkward is that first post back.  This is that first post back. So so awkward *shuffles feet* Uh, hey?  How you been?

But wait, before you pop the champagne and tweetstorm about the return of your second-to-least favorite crap blog about horror, I should tell you that we're not really back for good.  That's right, this is just a for funsies one-off for October.  Because we all need an October project, and I've got an assignment for you!  Or actually for me! 

The assignment: watch and drop the hottest of takes about Stephen King films and adaptations.  I'm calling it "The Stephening" because I haven't blogged since 2018 and how do people come up with clever titles anyway?  Be glad I didn't call it "The King Thing."

So that's it. One per day through October.  I'm prioritizing the ones I've never seen before, though there will be some classics too.  Other than that, no particular rhyme or reason to this order.  Join in when you can.  You know you can.  

Still working through the schedule, but for the first week:

Oct. 1:  Firestarter (1984)

Oct. 2:  Sleepwalkers (1992)

Oct. 3:  Cell (2016)

Oct. 4:  The Cat's Eye (1985)

Oct. 5:  Needful Things (1993)

Oct. 6: Apt Pupil (1998)

Oct. 7: Dolan's Cadillac (2009) 

Suggestions for week 2?


  1. All Stephen King, all the time. Love this! Are thinking about some of the more popular film adaptations like Carrie or The Shinning?

  2. i love you, write more pleasse