Thursday, February 2, 2017

Next 4, January 2017

2017.  The year of the rooster.  Or, as placemats at Chinese restaurants used to say to our endless juvenile delight: the year of the cock.

How to kick it off?  With four new movies delivered straight up from our Netflix overlords, of course!  Oh man, I hope we can get through this stuff quickly, because I see some titles a little further down the list that look pretty great.  Like The Wailing for instance.  But that's like way down there.

And we aren't bumping anyone up, no matter how stylish and scary and cool they may look.  Who knows?  Maybe Bleed: Reap The Flesh is going to be the thoughtful, smart, thriller that no one who sees its pregnant-belly-inscribed-with-sigil cover thinks it could be!  Come on Bleed, we're rooting for you!  Reap that flesh!

Next Four Up:
1.  Clincial (2017)
2.  The Rezort (2016)
3.  Bleed: Reap the Flesh (2016)
4.  The Secrets of Emily Blair (2016)

As always, we invite you watch these with us, because it's safer if we stick together.

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