Thursday, December 31, 2015

Postmortem Q&A: BOUND TO VENGEANCE (2015)

Here we answer the questions raised in the reviews.  Missed the reviews?  Read them first!
Bound to Vengeance (2015) [Paul's Take]
Bound to Vengeance (2015) [Joe's Take]

Paul answers Joe's questions:

JD:  So, she shoots those two guys at the house, and after she shoots the second one, you see someone beginning to come in the door, who then turns and runs away. Who the hell was that guy?

PH: That guy will obviously be key to “Bound to Vengeance 2:  Good Eve-ning Gentlemen.”  Because her name is Eve, get it?  I'm sorry, that's awful.  I'll see myself out.

JD:  Was the creepy boyfriend like on a date with both sisters at the beginning? What was going on there?

PH:  I guess if filming someone while asking them sketcho questions like, “What do you want to say to our future child?” and “Why don’t you make out with your sister?” is a date, then sure, they were all on a date together!  Riddle me this though [spoiler ahead, I suppose]: if the two sisters were kidnapped at some point during this “date,” then wouldn’t Eve have remembered that the boyfriend who kidnapped them was, like, somehow involved in the ensuing sex slavery?  Or was the first part of the date so much fun that she was willing to overlook the unfortunate last bit?
JD:  When the suicide girl runs and gets stuck on the fence, part of it gets played in reverse. Was that like a bloopers thing? Or was it supposed to be a moment of reflection?

PH:  Gah!  I totally forgot about those out-of-sequence freeze frame stills.  Backwards things do you when, awkward and clumsy feels film the.  Drunk of kind.  Control of out careening. Fence a on yourself impale to want you makes. 
JD:  What do you think she said when she walked into his house? Do you say “Hi” first?

PH:  [Paging through a copy of “Miss Manners for Murderers”] Ah, here it is [said in snooty voice, chamber music in background]:  When misplacing something at another's house, like your handkerchief or your pocketwatch or your vengeance, the proper greeting is: “Pardon me, but I seem to have left my handkerchief or pocketwatch or the bloody object of my unfulfilled revenge somewhere about your parlor.  If it wouldn’t be a bother, could I survey the premises for it?  I had it monogrammed/engraved/beaten-with-a-brick and it would be a terrible misfortune to part with it.”

Joe answers Paul's questions:

PH:  How hard is Richard Tyson’s head?

JD:  Heh…heh…heh…you’re not killing Richard Tyson’s head when you hit it with a brick. You’re helping it! Don’t you see?! You’re involved in *WHACK* something bigger than *WHACK* white privilege *WHACK* just don’t take me ho- *WHACK* what was I saying again?

PH:  In one scene, a starving victim gets her hands on a hamburger and starts to devour it right over a bleeding body.  But does she finish the hamburger?  Would you?

JD:  If she’d choked on the hamburger, she would have been killed…by getting fed! Which would totally turn the whole “You ate your sister’s food and killed her” thing on its head. Because! She fed someone and they died, so everything is *WHACK* pointless.

PH:  Do you think it is an economic or personal reason for keeping all the sex slaves in separate houses?

JD:  Well, if they’d all been in separate houses, it would have been like a 5 hour movie. Eventually they just had to put the rest in a warehouse, and let her get them all in one shebang.

PH:  Where is the first place you would drive after escaping from torturous captivity?

JD:  Probably Denny’s. Or right into a wrought iron fence.

PH:  What’s the best thing/moment in this film?  And you can’t say “Love Hurts” or however you say that in Spanish.

JD:  I actually liked it when the creepy captive rapist would foreshadow what was going to be at the houses, and I appreciated it when he said “The last house, boy, that’s going to change everything.” I mean, you know it’s probably going to be the boyfriend, but I appreciate the consideration that goes into letting me know a major plot twist is coming that will reshape what you thought you knew about the movie. It’s like having a chapter title in a book, it’s just helpful!

That's it for Bound to Vengeance.  Next up . . . Pod!  Watch out for lurking wrought iron fences!

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